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Posted by: Victoria Krisman

(New York City, November 22, 2023) – The World Teleport Association (WTA) today announced that it has joined the DIFI Consortium, an independent space industry group formed to advance interoperability in satellite and ground system networks.

WTA joins a growing roster of leading organizations in the space industry coming together to form the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium. These organizations are contributing to the innovation of digital transformation of space, satellite and related space technologies for the benefit of the industry.

“The next generation of satellites will be defined by software, to serve a market in which IP content is the dominant traffic for satcom, broadcast and earth observation,” said executive director Robert Bell. “Total traffic volume is exploding, waveforms multiplying and thousands of LEO and MEO spacecraft are demanding sophisticated gateways able to handle thousands of connections without interference. Digital transformation in the sky is creating immense pressure for a similar transformation on the ground at a time when hardware-based and analog systems fill every teleport.”

“We are delighted that WTA believes enough in the mission of the Consortium that it would become a DIFI member and indicate to its ground segment, operator and technology members that interoperability of networks and ground systems is the future,” said Stuart Daughtridge, DIFI Chairman of the Board of Directors and Vice President, Advanced Technology for Kratos.

About the World Teleport Association
The World Teleport Association ( has been helping its members aim higher since our founding in 1985. Today, WTA is the leading partner in growth for teleport operators, advocating for their commercial interests and promoting excellence in their business practices, technology and operations. The association publishes best-practice reports and presents webinars on technology changes and their business and market impacts. It also presents events and awards and provides global certification and assessment programs to validate excellence and drive improvement. Aiming higher creates opportunity. Aiming higher brings risk. WTA is dedicated to helping its members seize the opportunities and manage the risks to find the paths to growth in a massively changing market.

About the Digital IF Interoperability Consortium
The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) is an independent, international group of companies, organizations and government agencies that have an interest in the interoperability of networks and ground systems supporting space-based operations. Launched in coordination with the IEEE-ISTO, DIFI’s mission is to enable the digital transformation of space, satellite and related industries through a simple, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard that accelerates industry transformation from L-Band IF to Digital IF, while discouraging vendor lock-in. DIFI promotes standards in all satellite application areas where systems interoperability is needed or beneficial, including satcom, earth observation, remote sensing, TT&C, and more. The founding members of DIFI include Hawkeye 360, Intelsat Corp., Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT), Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., Microsoft, and the U.S. Navy. The DIFI board has approved version 1.0 of an interoperability standard based upon VITA 49, entitled IEEE-ISTO Std 4900-2021: Digital IF Interoperability Standard which can be downloaded at the Consortium’s website

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