The mission of DIFI is to develop, evolve and drive adoption of standards that will lead to the biggest digital transformation in the industry’s history. Standardization will reduce costs, increase resilience, unleash innovation and scale up satellite’s global share of telecom, IT and GIS markets.

If your organization is not a member, your voice will not be heard, your special technical requirements may never be met, and you could find your technology and operations on the wrong side of the industry’s next wave of growth.  Membership provides:

  • The opportunity to serve on working groups defining the roadmap and determining, version by version, the evolution of standards.
  • A chance to vote on each evolution of the standard to ensure that it meets your use cases and customer needs.
  • Participation in members-only activities including industry networking, workshops and plugfest events that will accelerate your own digital transformation.

Membership Levels & Fees:

  • Board Level Member* – USD $15,000

  • Corporate Member – USD $5,000

  • Government/Non-Profit Member – USD $0

*subject to approval of the Board of Directors