To join DIFI Consortium, please download and review the DIFI Consortium Governing Documents.  Included in the Governing Documents are the DIFI Consortium Bylaws & Membership Agreement.

By signing the DIFI Consortium Membership Agreement, members are attesting that they have read the Bylaws and are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions and abide by each.

Once we have received your signed Membership Agreement, DIFI Consortium will countersign it upon acceptance and issue an invoice, if required.  We will immediately onboard you into the DIFI Consortium activities and add you to our public membership roster.  Membership in DIFI Consortium is effective upon countersignature of the fully executed Membership Agreement.

If you have any membership questions, please contact us at

Thank you and we are hoping to welcome you to the Consortium!

Membership Levels & Fees:

  • Corporate Member – USD $5,000

  • Government/Non-Profit Member – USD $0

*subject to approval of the Board of Directors