Stuart Daughtridge Headshot

Stuart Daughtridge – Director & Chair

Vice President of Advanced Technology, Kratos

Mr. Daughtridge has been with Kratos since 1999, and in the satellite and aerospace industry since 1986. In his current position, Mr. Daughtridge leads Kratos’ satellite ground segment technology research and development efforts.  Prior to his current role, he held several senior management positions, including SVP & GM of the Integral Systems Products Group, SVP & GM of the Integral Systems Commercial Group, as well as Program Manager of several major commercial programs.  Before joining the Company, Mr. Daughtridge held various management and engineering positions with Orion Satellite Corporation, Intelsat, and Spacecom.  Mr. Daughtridge holds a Bachelor of Science from Lafayette College.

Benjamin Hilburn Headshot

Benjamin Hilburn – Director

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Ben is a Principal Program Manager on the Azure Spectrum Technologies team at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft, he ran the USRP engineering team at National Instruments / Ettus Research, was the Director of Engineering at DeepSig Inc., a venture-funded startup applying AI to the RF physical layer, and led the GNU Radio project and was President of its foundation. Ben earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer engineering from Virginia Tech, focusing on architectures for heterogeneous computing in software radio systems.

John Heskett Headshot

John Heskett – Director

Chief Technology Officer, Kongsberg Satellite Services

John Heskett serves as the Chief Technology Officer for KSAT. John has 20 years’ experience developing algorithms and system solutions for Space to Ground communications links and satellite ground stations. John specializes in Modem and DSP design but also has experience with ground processing and data transport solutions for both TT&C and Mission Data links. John has a bachelor’s and master’s Degree in Electrical and Systems Engineering respectively.

Neville Meijers – Director

Kymeta Corporation

 Coming soon…

Carmel Ortiz Headshot

Carmel Ortiz – Director

Vice President of Systems Innovation, Intelsat

Carmel Ortiz has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, satellite, and digital media industries. In her current role as Vice President of Systems Innovation at Intelsat, Carmel is responsible for the ideation, design, and development of large breakthrough technology initiatives that will reshape Intelsat’s offerings and customer experience. Prior to joining Intelsat in May of 2020, Carmel was the Vice President/Chief Systems Engineer of OneWeb, where she was responsible for the overall system engineering, design, and performance of the low-earth orbit (LEO) broadband communication system.

Prior to OneWeb, Carmel co-founded Skjei Telecom, a satellite communications engineering consulting firm serving large commercial and federal government clients. Earlier in her career, Carmel held various engineering positions at GTE Corporation, GTE Spacenet, and GE Americom. She is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a certificate in telecommunications.

Rob Rainhart Headshot

Robert Rainhart – Director

Chief Operating OfficerHawkeye 360

Rob Rainhart, HawkEye 360 Chief Operating Officer, has extensive background in developing commercial products, technology and solutions with dual use applications in both commercial and defense and intelligence markets. Rob has been involved in technical leadership for more than 2 decades and has more than 25 years of experience in leading teams, engineering products and developing business models for new products and markets.  Since February 2016 Rob has called HawkEye 360 home, building the companies RF analytic products and associated constellation of RF sensing satellites. At HawkEye Rob is responsible for engineering development, product management, and operations. Prior to HawkEye 360, Rob held various engineering and technical leadership roles with RT Logic and Harris Corporation. Rob holds a MS in Systems Engineering from Penn State and a BS in Electrical engineering Colorado State University.