For information on and participation in the upcoming MILCOM 2023 DIFI Workshop, that will include panel discussion, posters and demonstrations, email the DIFI team at:


Thanks to all who participated in the very successful MILCOM 2022 event. In addition to the Panel, the posters and demonstrations were very well received.

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Digital IF Test Capabilities at the Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD) Prototype, Integration, Test and Training (PITT) Facility

A Parallel LDPC Erasure Code FEC Implementation

Demonstration of transmssion of a DVB-2X Carrier using Interoperating Digital Modem and Digital Block Upconverter via a Compact Symbol Stream Digital Representation

How will the Digital Transformation Affect Future SATCOM Networks?

Digitally Combined Gateways

Digital IF Distribution System

Automated Digital IF Site Failover Demonstration

Virtualization & Digitization Demonstration with ADx

How will the Digital Transformation Affect Future SATCOM Networks?

Enabling Interoperable MilSatCom

Hybrid Approach to Managing the Analog IF to DIFI Transition

Approach to Digital IF Rollout for Strategic DOD SATCOM Gateways

Digitalization in Space Communications

MIL Standard (MIL-STD) Performance Requirements and Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) Certification for Digital IF Subsystems

Impact of Signal Data Packet Erasures on the Performance of SATCOM Links

Enabling Optimized SATCOM for JADC2 Through Virtualization & DIFI