Simon Swift, Engineering Director – Digital Technologies, ETL Systems, and Vice Chair of the DIFI Working Group

As stated in a report published by the UK Military of Defence (MoD) exploring the increasingly complex nature of combat, “the pace of technological change and proliferation is rapidly broadening and deepening the threat spectrum.”

Not only have these technological advancements changed the character of warfare, with equipment less expensive to manufacture and easier to transport and operate, they have also impacted the ground stations and networks responsible for important surveillance, tracking and mission critical information gathering.

Increasing Capacity + Service

Increasing capacity and service is now a key aim for global militaries, and in the summer of 2022, the U.S. Space Force’s Commercial Satellite Communications Office (CSCO) said that, “over the next two years, it would spend more than $2 billion in commercial satcom contracts,” buying capacity and services. READ MORE…