DIFI Members:
As we prepare for the 2024 DIFI Workshop at MILCOM 2024, we anticipate your participation!
Would you have something unique to share about working with DIFI and contributing to the virtualized SATCOM applications that are redefining our industry?  This includes new flat panel antennas that offer the promise of advanced capabilities such as multi-orbit, multi-beam, and multi-band capabilities.  If so, we encourage you to submit an abstract for a presentation, demonstration or poster at the 2024 DIFI Workshop.
Submission Ideas:
  • DIFI applications in operations today or under development (TT&C, Mission download, transport, satcom, etc.)
  • Multi-orbit/Multi-network ESAs and Satcom terminals
  • Multi-beam/multi-band ESAs and Satcom terminals
  • OpenAMIP enhancements required for implementation with multi-beam antenna systems
  • Gateways (important to broaden beyond just ESAs. The essential detail is many-to-one (meaning several antenna beams to a single modem) and one-to-many (many modems trying to access a single ESA. This could include gateways consisting of multiple antennas (ESA or otherwise).
  • User Terminals
  • Updates/Implementations using ARINC-793 
  • Updates from DEUCSI call 003
We hope that you can join us for an exciting exploration of these vital subjects.  Your presence and collaboration would undoubtedly add value to our conversations.
Note:  The MILCOM 2024 Registration portal is “coming soon”, but not yet available.