Op-ed | The ‘S’-word:  How Standards can Advance the Satellite Industry

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The promise of digital transformation depends on interoperability

The topic of standards doesn’t sound exciting but consider the alternative. Without standards, that seamless wireless connectivity we expect wherever we go, whichever city we land in, wouldn’t be possible. Out of network? Sorry, out of luck.

Simply put, standards enable interoperability between systems and equipment so that technologies can work together. It is standards that have allowed the worlds of IT and telecom to move forward in unison. When the wireless industry needed to move beyond the limitations of 2G, it adopted 3GPP standards (3rd Generation Partnership Project), advancing to ever faster, more efficient 3G, 4G, and now 5G networks. By offering near-seamless connectivity to users as though through a single fabric, mobile broadband has flourished, becoming indispensable in our daily lives, in turn creating a rising tide that has lifted the telecom industry.  READ MORE…..