DIFI Consortium Release – (March 1, 2022: Piscataway, NJ) The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI), the independent space industry group formed to advance interoperability in satellite and ground system networks, today announced the addition of seven new members, in February 2022, from across industry sectors, including:

AvL Technologies delivers mobile satellite antenna systems and positioners with innovative designs, technical superiority, and reliable performance.

Calian Advanced Technologies delivers a wide variety of innovative solutions to meet advanced technology, health, learning IT, and Cyber needs.

Datapath, Inc. is a leading mission-critical solutions and services provider in the satellite, C61SR, and commercial communications industries.

Integrasys specializes in engineering and manufacturing satellite spectrum monitoring systems in the telecommunications and broadcasting markets.

Orbital Research manufactures high-performance frequency converters and RF components for the satellite communications industry.

PdM WESS (Wideband Enterprise Satellite Systems) manages the acquisition, development, and modernization of enterprise satellite communications systems and state-of-the-art satellite network control and planning systems for use with the defense satellite communications systems, as well as wideband global satellite and commercial satellite systems.

Swedish Space Corporation is a leading global provider of advanced space services and a full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide.

“We continue to be both excited and humbled by both industry and government support to the DIFI organization” commented Stuart Daughtridge, Chairman of DIFI and SVP for Advanced Technologies at Kratos. “The growth of the organization and the interest in an interoperable digital IF standard demonstrate the Space industries excitement around digital transformation and the opportunities it will create for the industry.


DIFI members are coming together to support innovation and the digital transformation of space, satellite, and related network technologies through the development of industry interoperability standards. In August, DIFI introduced version 1.0 of its interoperability standard based upon VITA 49, entitled IEEE-ISTO Std 4900-2021: Digital IF Interoperability Standard which can be downloaded at the Consortium’s website https://dificonsortium.org. This standard has already been specified in at least one major satellite communications RFI by the U.S. Army to support system interoperability.


About The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium

The Digital IF Interoperability Consortium (DIFI) is an independent, international group of companies, organizations, and government agencies that have an interest in the interoperability of networks and ground systems supporting space-based operations. Launched in coordination with the IEEE-ISTO, DIFI’s mission is to enable the digital transformation of space, satellite, and related industries through a simple, interoperable Digital IF/RF standard that accelerates industry transformation from L-Band IF to Digital IF, while discouraging vendor lock-in. The founding members of DIFI include Hawkeye 360, Intelsat Corp. (OTCMKTS: INTEQ), Kongsberg Satellite Services AS (KSAT), Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: KTOS), Microsoft, and the U.S. Navy. To learn more about DIFI Consortium and to view the complete list of current members, visit www.dificonsortium.org.



Joni Sterlacci